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Microblading for the Perfect Brow

Are your brows too light? Too thin? Do you wish they were thicker and darker without using an eyebrow pencil every day? Microblading at Brow Artistry by Jennifer Brien may be your perfect solution. Microblading, also called 3D microblading, uses a technique similar to a tattoo, but is semi-permanent, lasting one to three years.

How Microblading Works

Jennifer will closely examine your brows and map out the microblading treatment, ensuring that your brows will look even after the procedure. She will then use a small hand-held tool containing several needles. The needles are very fine, so that the lines created mimic the thickness of eyebrow hair. The needles are stroked through the brow, scraping through the very top layers of skin, much shallower than tattoo needles, distributing pigment. This explains the semi-permanent state of the brow and the need for touch-ups. A pigment mask over the entire brow after the needle strokes creates an overall brow color on the hair and skin. Detail strokes are added after the pigment mask to ensure a natural look. A second pigment mask may be added to fill the detail strokes.

For ombre brows, needle strokes deposit a powder pigment to the outer end of the brows, creating a subtle, natural look. Ombre and microblading can be used together, especially for those with no brows or extremely light or thin brows.

Considering this is a type of tattoo, you may experience some discomfort. Jennifer can apply a topical numbing cream before beginning the procedure.

Microblading Results

When you leave the East Amherst, NY, studio, your brows may look darker than you expected. These are not your final results. Like a tattoo, the area needs to heal. Jenn will give you instructions to follow for the week following microblading. Scabs will form and fall off—this is totally normal—and around day seven or eight after the procedure, you will see the actual results. Your brows will look significantly lighter than they did right after microblading.

Your new look will likely need a touchup, and Jenn will discuss this with you at your appointment. The results will last an average of 18 months or more.

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